Copy of COCOON (SfA) - Q&As


Is there a participation fee?
There is no fee to enter the competition. 

Can an individual submit more than one submissions?
One may participate individually or in a team. Each participant or team can participate with only one submission.

How do I submit?
Entrants must register on and follow the link to create a free account which will allow one to submit.

Is COCOON open to students and non-licensed architects?
Yes, the competition is open to all architects, designers and students. 

Can I submit a project that was submitted in another competition in the past? 
Yes, as long as the project addresses COCOON’s brief.

Could the cocoon/shelter be any kind of project?
Essentially yes, as long as it establishes a connection to the idea of cocoon. It can be any kind of programmatic typology or scale.

Could the cocoon/shelter be in any location?
Yes, context will be part of your proposal. The location could be anywhere.

Does the cocoon/shelter need to be buildable? 
The proposal could be any conceptual, visionary or buildable project.

Could my proposal be detail oriented?
Yes, you can choose to approach your design in any scale. 

How can my project be identified since you will only be receiving it annotated with the code that i selected?
During the submission process, you will be asked to provide your first and last name. The jury will not be able to identify the participants until the results are published.

Could the cocoon/shelter be part of a larger masterplan?
Yes, as long as the idea of the cocoon itself is well represented.

Can I submit a video?
No, the submission will be in PDF format. The board should consist of at least one image of the concept and/or any other graphics that the authors believe they describe their idea in the best way. The image could be rendered as a 3D perspective, a picture of a physical model or a sculpture, a sketch, a diorama etc. 

Could my project be floating?
Yes, it can be located in any context and reply to any natural element.

Could my cocoon proposal be wearable?
Yes, your proposal could investigate the experience of inhabitation as a notion of second skin. 

Could my proposal be research based on historic examples?
No, the proposal should be an original design idea.